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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Boskke Sky Planters: Defying Gravity and Evolved Gardening

Boskke is evolved gardening design. It is derived from the old English word ‘bosky’ which means ‘a small forest’.

Check out this very unusual planter that allows you to hang your plants upside down. Called the Boskke’s Sky Planter, this unique planter makes use of an internal reservoir system to feed water directly to the roots and also locks the soil in so that there is no mess on the floor.

The Bosske Sky Planter deserves a second look just for it’s originality and unique concept. This system is quite efficient, you only need to water your plants once a month. In addition, the hanging nature of this planter means that no additional floor space is required, making this a practical planter for small apartments.

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